It is a gorgeous day.  Spring brings that.  Lots to report..

THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.  FPL has agreed to replace 5,800 of their light fixtures in Hollywood with LED fixtures.  This will start soon and be completed by the end of the year.  The lights will be directional, meaning they focus the beam downward, and will not light up the sky,  The City pays FPL monthly, so you will see no change in your bill for this project.

There another roughly 1,200 poles the City owns, and they will be replaced later, with FPL taking over the maintenance responsibility for them.

.  The School Board recently made a truly momentous decision to create a gifted high school starting in the fall at an available building at Plantation HS.  First class will begin with graduates of the outstanding CITY program at Parkway Middle.  CITY stands for Community of Intellectually Gifted Youth.  I did speak at that meeting and think this is a giant step forward for Broward.

The new school will be open to all who meet the requirements and that information will be available in May. When you think of gifted schools, one that might come to mind is Dade’s Performing Arts School. 

. RECYCLING.  Two months ago, a group of Broward County elected officials toured Waste Management’s Recycling Center, in Pembroke Pines.  Lest you think this is a high tech operation, think again.  Remember the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Vivian were packaging candy (I think) coming down a conveyer belt, and they couldn’t keep up.  So, they started stuffing the candy in their mouths.  Hysterical.

Well, there are a lot of people standing by conveyor belts sorting our recycling, tossing stuff into bins.

There is a problem. THE RECYCLED MARKET IS TANKING.  There is no market for glass.  None.  And the Chinese, who accepted much of our recycled goods have declared that they will no longer accept anything that has more than 3% contaminates.  The result of both of these is that bales and pallets of stuff has nowhere to go.  Landfill maybe, but that defeats the whole purpose of recycling.

What does that mean for us?  Hollywood is going out for a consultant to help prepare a request for proposal for sanitation service starting in 2019; and we are concerned that no one is going to quote on picking up recycled projects.  Definitely stay tuned.

What would really be neat is for someone to build another waste to energy plant, like the one at 441 and 595.  Burn it…don’t bury it.

.  General Obligation Bond.  Definitely moving forward toward a November 2018 referendum.  Still working out details, but the primary focus will be on streets, alleys, sidewalks, landscaping and beautification, parks, and neighborhood improvements,  You will hear lots more later.

.  South Broward High School.  40 seniors attended part of our last Commission meeting, led by Senior Class Advisor Ashley Lehman.  This is probably the sixth year for this program, and we love having them.  By the way, the school is now at capacity! So is MacArthur.

.  Advisory Board Appointments.  In June we appoint new members.  Go to City web site for list of boards and application information.


4/4:  10:00 CRA meeting.  1:00 Commission Meeting

4/7:  Salsa Fest.  Art Park.  5:00

4/10.  Public Workshop on Mobility Projects.  City Hall, 6:00

4/11.  Fiscal Retreat.  City Hall, 9:30 – 11:30.  First look at projected 2019 budget.  VERY IMPORTANT MEETING,

4/11:  Commission in the Community.  6:00 – 8:00,  Fire Training Center on 56th south of North Hills.  Commissioner and City Staff to listen to resident concerns.   Update on the General Obligation Bond.  This is a quarterly event, and it is time for District 4 residents.  IMPORTANT.

4/18.  Tentative…workshops on Tree Ordinance and Septic to Sewer Conversion.  9:30 – 12.00.  City Hall

For regular updates from the City, go to, and click on News.  These updates come out at least once a week.

Thanks for listening.  Take care of your garden and let’s make Hollywood Green.