I hate computers – at the moment.  Had this report ready to go when the fickle finger of fate erased it.  Well, maybe this one will turn out better; win a Pulitzer.


         Feb 7:  10:00 CRA Meeting

                      1:00 Commission Meeting

         Feb 19:  Presidents Day.  City Hall closed

         Feb 21:   1:00 Commission Meeting

         Apr 11:   9:30  Fiscal Retreat  See below

                      6:00  Commission in the Community.  See below


January Update:

  •  Agreed to purchase 29 vehicles for Public Works to replace beat up and decrepit cars and trucks.  Note:  at the Feb. 7 meeting, we will be asked to approve the lease of 48 vehicles for police, including a number of SUV’s, necessary to traverse high tides and other weather events.
  • Approved $20.5 for a watermain replacement project, part of the 2007 utility master plan.   
  • Approved $1.65 million for rehabilitation of equipment at the Waste Water Treatment plant. 

HAIL TO THE CHIEF:  Police Chief Tomas (Tom) Sanchez has retired after 30 years in public safety.  Tom managed the transition of the department consequential to the financial urgency issue several years ago.  The department is young, but performs like veterans.  Tom is very unusual; he was very cerebral, and taught police organization and tactics all over the world as well as at the Federal level.  I loved working with Tom and wish him well.  Chris O’Brien is Interim Chief.

EMS.  When Fire Rescue comes to the aid of some ill, or who has been in an accident, there is a cost.  The individual is billed, through their insurance, medicare of medicade; but our ability to collect is…well, abysmal.  In 2017, we were short over $2.6 million, and that shortfall comes out of the General Fund…our tax bill.  So in 2018, we will be much more aggressive about out collection efforts.

Remember last month I warned that if the November referendum to grant an additional homestead exemption passed, and why wouldn’t it, it would cost Hollywood $3 million, or more?  Maybe we can make some of that up by collecting money owed to us.

GENERAL OBLIGATION BOND.  Having written previously that economic development and increased property values don’t do much more than pay next year’s bills for almost every city in Broward, you won’t be too surprised that the Commission is considering a debt financed program to pave streets and alleys, install new lighting and tree, upgrade recreation facilities and more.  BUT…

We need your input.  If you are an Emerald Hills resident, please join us to explore this on Thursday, Feb. 15 at 4:30 at Union Institute, 4th floor of the Bank of America Building at 4600 Sheridan.  Plenty of parking in the rear.  This is important…we need your input.

If this works for you, please let me know.  (rblattner@hollywoodfl.org., or 954-558-0175.


  1. First Financial Retreat,  9:30 in City Hall.  First look at projected revenue for 2019, which provides direction to staff to start working on the budget.
  2. Commission in the Community.  Another in the series of community meetings the Commission holds.  This will be at the Fire Training Center on 56th, between Sheridan and North Hills.  Pizza and salad from 6 – 6:30, followed by residents comments and recommendations.  We just concluded one in Washington Park, with over 50 people attending.  All Department Heads attend so that they can address your concerns.




Thanks for listening.  I do think this turned out better the second time.