Just took a look at my calendar, and it is going to be busy this month.

3/7.  CRA at 10:00.  Commission at 1:00.  Immediately following both is Citizen Comments

3/11.  The great annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Starts at noon, along Hollywood Blvd, 21st Ave. and Harrison Street.  Sponsored by the Hibernians, retired police officers.  The Budweiser Clydesdales will be featured along with some great fife and drum banks.  And local kids and organizations.

3/15.  Career Day and Driftwood Middle.  I will try to teach three classes.

3/21.  General Obligation Bond workshop.  9:30 City Hall.  Staff will present the results of the surveys they have taken, and Commission will provide direction on what projects, how much money, and when will we do this…2018 or 2020.  Promised to be spirited and very important.

3/21:  Commission meeting at 1:00 p.m.

3/22.  HPD Awards and Recognition luncheon.  Noon, and at Orangebrook, I think.

A Gem:  I wasn’t able to play tennis for 9 months, so did not visit David Park Tennis Center.  But, I am getting back into the game, and am amazed at how great the Center looks.  Landscaping, fans, new wind screens, new furniture, etc.  This is a great looking facility, and now that the Diplomat tennis center is closed, there is a lot more activity.  Drop by and say help to Jesse Smatt, the Center’s operator.

Spay and Neuter Facility.  Just opened at John Williams Park, on Sheridan just west of 441.  With the cooperation of Broward County Animal Control, you can bring your pets, or strays, for treatment at modest fees.  Open 5 days a week. Visit Broward County Animal Control on the Broward County website.  Special thanks to County Mayor Beam Furr for his initiative.

By the way, this park is a hidden gem.  Beautiful oak canopy, walking trails and plenty of parking.

What are they doing in Tallahassee?  We will soon see, but the outlook is not good for Home Rule. The legislators believe they know best.  Track record not very good.

February Review:

  • Passed a resolution that would assign one additional SRO in our elementary schools.  It is possible the State will allocate more funds so that we can add more officers.
  • Approved $101,540 for additional CCTV and maintenance for police vehicles.
  • Allocated $589,857 for new water meters.
  • Passed a resolution to finance new vehicles.  $1,904.40.  Buying 49 new police vehicles and 29 general purpose vehicles. 
  • In Commission Comments, I raised the issue of the four day week.  This will be discussed during our April 11 Budget Workshop.  More on that next month.

         Also complained that we do not receive any quarterly Financial Reports.  No P&L.  How can we manage our business without that. Also, I am working with city staff to have the Commission receive quarterly Financial Reports.

PLEASANT SURPRISE:  Thursday we received a first quarter Financial Report, and it was exceptionally well done.  Thanks Dr. Ishmael, Cintya Ramos and George Keller, and Staff,

.  Approved $71,000 grant from the State Attorney General, which will allow us to continue our wonderful Victims Advocacy department.

Haven’t commented lately on new restaurants in Hollywood, so here are a few:

  • Krakatoa.  Great Indian food.  Large portions.  They are also in Yellow Green Market.  Took space where Ends Meat was.
  • Patty Mac.  Finally a mac and cheese place.  Remodeled at 20th and Harrison.  Good service and food,
  • First Watch.  Just what we needed…another breakfast and lunch place.  No seriously.  Located across from the Police Station.  Wish them well.

Finally, the new Publix is open on Young Circle.  Beautiful store, and parking is convenient:  head for second floor and take elevator down.


Finally finally:  the Commission and Staff toured Chewy, the largest internet supplier of pet food.  Located in the old food court of the Hollywood Mall…100,000 sq feet, 1000 employees and hiring 400 more.  Good jobs, jobs with growth potential. 

Hope you are all well, and enjoying beautiful weather.