The Issues

People ask me about what motivated me to run again for District 4 Commissioner in the City of Hollywood. The answer comes down to this: Every day, I am driven by the thought that, together, you and I can make a real difference in our community today and for the future. – Dick Blattner

Downtown Hollywood Redevelopment Project

Hollywood Commissioner Dick Blattner describing his work to redevelop Downtown Hollywood and bring a train station to downtown Hollywood, while also explaining the positive outcomes that the train station will bring to the community.

South Florida Design and Commerce Park

Hollywood Commissioner Dick Blattner describing his work with the property owners and business tenants of an industrial / commerce park in Hollywood, FL. Blattner is working towards repurposing the commercial center so it is more attractive and viable.

Emerald Hills Golf Course

Hollywood Commissioner Dick Blattner describing his support to enforce planning and zoning ordinances that protect Emerald Hills Golf Course in Hollywood, FL.

Complete Streets/Infrastructure Improvement Plan

Making our streets safer and more accommodating to pedestrians and cyclists as well as those with disabilities. This also includes strategic planning of transportation hubs to increase mobility for those who need it most.

Residents have asked for improved public transit, better streets and sidewalks and a reduction in traffic congestion. Approval of a countywide Infrastructure Improvement Plan by the voters this November would allow these projects to begin. Now we must answer that call and join together to set progress in motion.

According to the terms of an agreement between Broward County and its 31municipalities, as reported recently in the Sun-Sentinel, “cities would receive funds based on population and could spend the money on repaving local streets (alleys and sidewalks) and redesigning roadways to better accommodate pedestrians, among other things. Some of the money would pay for traffic light syncing.”

Water Resource Management

Water is South Florida’s most valuable natural resource. As part of the Water Resources Task Force for the Broward County Water Advisory Board, Dick works with other representatives from Broward municipalities to make sure (that there is an adequate supply of clean water) and our waterways stay clean for consumption, recreational use, and as a habitat for local wildlife.

As stated in the 2016 Six Pillars Progress Report: Water and Infrastructure [] , Broward County WAB’s goals include:

  • Increasing long-term sustainability of water resources
  • Preserving/protecting recreational waters
  • Streamlining water supply governance
  • Promoting infrastructure adaptation to accommodate sea level rise.

Since water, of course, is a shared resource, managing it requires coordination at the municipal, county, state and national levels.  Dick Blattner’s record of working with these diverse entities for the common goal of a greater good is well known throughout South Florida, Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. He is respected for his deep knowledge and understanding of the issues and their impact on Hollywood and the region at large.

Sea Level Rise

No matter your political views, there is one aspect of global climate change that will directly impact everyone in South Florida: rising sea levels. Public officials all along the coast are already hard at work on plans for sea walls, retarding erosion and adapting standards for building elevations. Among the issues that must be addressed: plans for diverting excess water into canals, what restrictions may be required in threatened areas, how to improve coordination between municipalities and where to find funding to pay for these projects (i.e. bed tax).

Building Sustainable Communities

Creating and maintaining strong neighborhoods is a top priority for the next four years. Focusing on economic growth, improving infrastructure, and keeping Hollywood beautiful and safe are the keys to making Hollywood an attractive place to work and live. Below are some of the key issues I am focusing on for the coming term:

Economic Development Plans

  • Upgrading downtown lighting and parking
  • (441) and Dixie Highway corridor improvements
  • Overlay Districts for neighborhood association property standards
  • Young Circle Redevelopment
  • South Florida Industrial Park (29th Corridor)
  • Orangebrook Golf Course Redevelopment

Capital Improvement Plans

  • Replacement of worn out equipment
  • Additional General Fund dollars for improved manpower and logistics
  • Improved neighborhood lighting

Infrastructure Improvement Plan

  • Street, alley & sidewalk resurfacing or repair
  • Garbage enclosures in neighborhoods
  • Parking
  • New Sanitation Contract
  • Beautification


  • Review role of elected officials as policy makers
  • Improve organizational structure of city government
  • Create Department of Development Services
  • Improve/integrate relationship between CRA and City
  • Improve our influence outside of Hollywood